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We have just completed our 2016/2017 wedding season.  I have, as always, enjoyed each and every wedding that we have been involved with and the range of styles and decor.  Each wedding was unique and reflected the personalities of both bride and groom.  I hope that we surpassed all expectations.

We now look back and reflect on our business.  Are we competitive within the current market?  Is our standard consistent and do we offer a top class service to our brides?  These are just two of many questions we will be asking ourselves as we prepare for the 2017/2018 season. 

Our aim is to be intimately involved with each couple from the first consultation through to their wedding day.  We are relentless in trying to find the right style to best reflect a couple and to work within their specified budget.

Everyone has been affected by the current economic situation.  In my opinion, it is now more important than ever to work out a budget for your wedding and stick to it.  It is much appreciated when couples are transparent and honest about their budget.  It makes it much easier for all involved.  However, there also needs to be a more realistic approach to the cost of flowers and decor for weddings.

Consultations, styling, sourcing various items, ordering flowers, collecting flowers, floral materials, delivery, set-up and labour are all part and parcel of our preparations for a wedding and needs to be factored in.

The Pantone colour of the year is "greenery".  In two short seasons we have sprung from girls who did not want greenery to be included in any of their floral arrangements to brides wanting nothing but greenery.  Along with this is the perception that greenery is inexpensive.  We are doing one floral runner after the other.  The honest truth is that greenery is not inexpensive and in order to do a full and beautiful table runner we use a lot of greenery!  Our floral suppliers also watch trends and as soon as they see a demand on the market prices go up!  Yes, a lot of us do some foraging to make runners look interesting with varied greens and textures but even though this may be "free" it is our time and energy (to say nothing of sometimes feeling like we are thieves).

Soft and romantic is still the most popular choice for weddings.  Blush pink, white and cream seem to always top the list although now it is being softened with the use of greenery.  Florals are generally looser and more organic. Bright and Beautiful lean towards classic, timeless florals and judging by the number of green and white weddings we have completed over the years I think we can claim we are the Queen of Green and White decor. 

I urge interested couples to take advantage of our complimentary consultation. To facilitate working couples we consult on Thursday evenings between 16h00 - 20h00.   It is not possible for me to give accurate quotations based on pictures sent to me via e-mail.  There are too many variables. After our consultation, where I will be able to ascertain your requirements, budget etc., I will put together a detailed estimation of costs for you.  Besides the cost of your florals it is also important to ascertain whether you can develop a good, positive relationship with your florist/stylist and that you will be able to trust them with all aspects of your special day.

I love incorporating more garden type cut flowers into our arrangements.  We are able to access imported flowers more easily than in previous years (although this comes at a cost) so flower arrangements are filled with beautiful varieties of flowers.  Besides flowers I also place a great emphasis on lighting, which tends to be overlooked by many couples. The importance of good lighting absolutely and utterly cannot be underestimated.  It is not just one element that makes WOW decor it is all the contributing elements -  stationery, tablecloth choice, candles, lighting and so on.  It is my opinion that great decor is a balance of elements. Green and White always photographs well and looks stunning but we are braving more colour and life in arrangements.

And to answer my own questions!! Yes, Bright and Beautiful remains extremely competitive within the market.  We always use top quality flowers and give our clients value for their money and yes, our standard is consistent.  We go beyond the call to see that all aspects of our decor is faultless. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and work alongside other service providers that are reliable and forerunners in their fields within the industry.   All bridal couples and weddings are dealt with professionally regardless of size or budget.

Happy wedding planning!

~Neva Ward~


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