The use of colour

Colour is a very powerful and simple tool which can be used to create atmosphere and ambience  This applies not only to weddings but any occasion you are planning where you want your guests to have a WOW experience.

People tend to limit the use of colour to flowers, linens, stationery, ribbons etc.  Of course, this is a great way to use colour, but I would strongly suggest that you can introduce your colour scheme in other ways that will definitely keep your guests talking!

Most people tend to deal with flowers & decor as a separate issue.  By  simply working with your chef, catering company or venue and discussing how your colour could be incorporated into the menu will add unexpected elements of fun and keep guests enchanted with not only the visual experience but the celebratory experience/occasion in general.

Lighting also creates an amazing atmosphere and something as simple as putting colour filters onto up lighters in the corners of a room can make an incredible difference.  Soft candlelight, coloured light and filtered light is more flattering, calming and will undoubtably enhance the general ambience.  This need not be expensive and most DJ's will be happy to assist with some spot lights and colour filters.

In order to maximise a guests experience and ensure a lively atmosphere you need to set a pace.  Little touches, little experiences and elements of surprise throughout the day/evening will pay bigger dividends than too much of one thing.  If your guests are happy and having a good time your occasion will definitely be a success.

Happy planning!

~Neva Ward~


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