I love wedding cakes.  As far as I am concerned they are one of the traditions that I don't like to see kicked to the sidelines.  So many brides say "nobody eats the cake" so what is the point?  The point is your cake forms an integral part of the decor.  For so many years wedding cakes were tucked away next to the bridal table and cut so late in the evening most guests hardly noticed it or were bothered when it was cut. Your choice of cake should be as carefully planned as any other aspect of your wedding.  The wedding cake is a long standing tradition dating back to Roman and Medieval times although, back then, they used a stack of buns instead of a multi-level culinary masterpiece.

Your cake should take centre stage. Traditionally wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to the guests and the couple and placed in a position of honour.  We love placing the wedding cake on the centre of the dance floor and encourage brides to cut the cake when making their first entrance as Mr. & Mrs.  This way everybody gets to be part of the moment, your photographer will get really great shots of you cutting the cake and it would have contributed to the decor.

Don't forget to think about the table on which your cake will be placed.  Will a beautiful tablecloth compliment the style of the cake or would you prefer to keep it simple?  What about a mirror on top of the table or perhaps even using something different to the conventional round table?  Remember to give your venue a special knife with which to cut the cake - maybe a wedding present or a family heirloom.  

Negotiate with your venue to serve the cake as dessert.  The addition of a delicious ice cream and some fresh berries will make it a worthy dessert.  Choose carefully when choosing the person who will be making your cake as it must not only look good butt be delicious as well!  There are many, many bakers out there and some amazing icing/finishing work but, unfortunately, a lot of sub-standard cakes when it comes to being moist, flavoursome and yummy.  It is quite in order to ask for a tasting.  You will, almost certainly, be charged a nominal fee.  Think out of the box when it comes to flavours.  It is very popular to have a different type of cake for each tier.

Over the centuries there have been many traditions created surrounding the cake and it still remains an important aspect of any wedding.

So take the time to plan the cake to reflect the couple.

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