Shopping around for the cheapest quote

Today I would like to touch on brides shopping for the cheapest quotes and maybe just make a few suggestions as to why I don't think that this is necessarily a good idea.

The plain simple truth is you get what you pay for.  Flowers are, of course, a little more difficult than, for instance, buying a pair of shoes or a motor car.  In that scenario you can go along to the shop and compare apples with pears.  However, as we now live in a media driven society it is my suggestion that you take the time to go on to websites/facebook pages/blogs to see the work being produced by the particular florist/stylist you are thinking about.  Is their work of the standard you are expecting for you wedding?  How many weddings have they had featured in magazines, wedding blogs and are they transparent about sharing pictures of recent weddings on their own Facebook pages? How many years experience do they have within the industry?  Most importantly, and a bit more difficult to ascertain, do they use top quality flowers, are they reliable, are they known within the industry for their honesty and integrity?  Is their work exciting or do you see a repetition in what they are producing? 

A lot of energy goes in to conceptualisation and styling a wedding.  Bright and Beautiful have an energetic enthusiastic team.  We are motivated by treating each wedding, regardless of budget, as the wedding we would like to submit to a magazines or blog to be featured.  For us it is not only about producing flower arrangements.  We only use top quality fresh flowers and we go to endless pains to see that we source what we need to make each floral arrangement photo worthy.  Drooping heads, brown edges are not acceptable to us.  Everything we do is done with love and care.  More often than not we never leave the venue until we are satisified that everything is perfect and we have delivered exactly (if not more) than our clients expectations.  Our aim is to exceed your expectations.

I would be bold enough to say that all florists, of the same standard, are pretty much charging the same amount for what we do.  There are a few variables but if getting the cheapest quote is your aim I would say do your homework carefully if you have a certain expectation.  If the quote is significantly less be warned that there is a reason.  If it does not bother you what flowers are going to be used at your wedding and you quite simply want to go with the cheapest and you are totally unconcerned about the overall look that is fine.  Flowers are not a priority for everybody.  Many brides are just happy with a few simple jars of crysanths and greenery.

We like to meet our clients face to face and chat to them about their special day.  We are able to make suggestions/recommendations you may never have even considered.  We do not like to clone weddings from other designers.  We look at the ideas but then try to interpret them slightly differently to make your wedding uniquely yours!!

Your flowers are a large portion of your overall budget.  Take the time to visit websites/blogs etc, as I recommend and do some homework.  Word of mouth is very powerful.  Ask people if they know anything about the company you are interested in to do your flowers.  Take the time to make an appointment and chat to a couple of floral designers.  See whether they will be inspiring.  E-mailing a long list of us to give you a quote based on a collection of pictures is not really going to get you anywhere unless, as I said it is not at all important to you.  Choose 3 or 4 florists/stylists whose work you like and then make appointments to see them so you know you feel relaxed,happy and confident about putting your very special day into their hands.

I can assure you that none of us are over enthusiastic about putting quotations together without having met our client and chatting to them about the overall expectation and vision for the day.  Quotations take a lot of time and effort and yes, we are happy to give you a guideline/estimation of costs via e-mail, but that should not solely be what you base your choice on.

Our initial consultation is free and holds no obligation.  This is because we understand that your wedding is important to you.  We understand that it is important to have a good feeling and confidence with who you are working with.  Sometimes you may just not feel a connection and that is fine, move on.  We are also aware that it is difficult to ask  your boss for time off during the working day.  We are available for after hour appointments.  We have allocated Thursdays between 16h00 - 20h00 but we are totally flexible.  We are currently booking for 2017/2018 wedding season.  Drop me an e-mail and we will make an appointment time that will suit you.  We are located in the Claremont area close to Cavendish Square.

I look forward to hearing from you and PS Please following our link to look at some of our featured weddings and remember QUOTES without a meeting tell you nothing.


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