Easter Wedding

Choosing to have your wedding over the Easter weekend makes a lot of sense if you have family living either abroad or who will be travelling from other parts of South Africa to share your special day.  The long weekend makes travel more feasible and takes the pressure off those guests attending your wedding from afar.

I love Easter weddings as incorporating bunnies and easter eggs into the various decor elements is a lot of fun.  A little bunny peeping out of a floral runner is cute and quirky and decor can remain stylish and elegant.  An element added into your table decor that brings a smile, stimulates conversation and is unusual is always a winner. Easter eggs as gifts for guests can be presented in a myriad different ways and, most definitely will add to table decor.  You can have so much fun with packaging ideas.  As an aside, I always try and incorporate some element of fun/surprise into our table decor.  Stationery is usually my chosen way of enhancing table decor and is an element which allows endless possibilities and scope. 

What you need to know is that Easter weddings are going to cost you extra. Bad news, but the reality is that it is a long weekend and a time that families choose to either go away or spend time together.  Zap -  extra labour cost!  Firstly, be warned that many floral designers do not even choose to work over the Easter weekend.  Those that do will, most probably, be charging extra.  Whether you choose to be married on the Saturday after Good Friday or Easter Sunday it means that all labour will be charged at an increased rate which can be as much as double the normal rate.

Easter Sunday or Monday weddings also means that we will need to take delivery of our flowers on the preceeding Thursday resulting in added pressure to keep them looking fresh and beautiful for your wedding day.

The flower market has a wonderful way of increasing prices over public holidays which include Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and Mother's day and this also affects our quotations for floral arrangements. 

I am not sharing this information to scare you off planning an Easter weekend but rather to empower you with the knowledge that your wedding flowers and labour are going to cost you more.

If you are having an Easter wedding please don't forget to add some fun elements.  Happy planning.



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