JUST SAYING..............a little something about bouquets

Trends come and go and like anything else in the industry certain styles of bouquets become fashionable.  It is fun looking back at wedding pictures over time and seeing the kind of bouquets which were popular through the years.

As a floral designer we are always anxious to show off our skills and keep abreast with what is currently fashionable.  After many years of what I liked to call the "lollipop" we slowly saw less structured bouquets evolving into very loose, ragged bouquets with a just picked look.  This particular type of bouquet, together with various cascading bouquets, are now right on trend.  These bouquets are fun to make and entail a good deal of foraging to achieve the informal, just picked flower look.  We have seen some incredible bouquets in recent months.  We all get caught up with trends.  Week in and week out we are now producing hanging floral arrangements and the oh so ever popular floral or greenery runner.  Let me not deviate.

As I stood a while back waiting for the first glimpse of my bride I suddenly had what Oprah Winfrey refers to as "a light bulb" moment.  Are we as florists not getting a little carried away with wanting to produce our very showy bouquets?  The wedding dress, in many cases, has cost a considerable amount of money.  Dresses often have elaborate belts/sashes, bead work and detail and here we are hiding the creation behind a huge bouquet of greenery and flowers at a significantly less cost in comparison to the dress.  I think we should stop a moment and be a little more contemplative about the kind of bouquet we create and/or suggest to brides.  Are we ensuring that we obtain a picture of the dress before we make suggestions?  Are we just blindly following our brides-to-be collection of Pinterest bouquets and not insisting on seeing a picture of their dress.  Obviously, if the bride has chosen a fairly simple dress a large bountiful and beautiful bouquet would definitely be a good choice.  Other factors that should be considered when choosing your bouquet, other than the style of your dress, is your height.  Tall girls can carry off large bouquets whilst a shorter person that is very slight would be utterly overwhelmed by a large bouquet.

Overseas, particularly in USA, floral designers work closely with dress designers to ensure that the bouquet (and choice of flowers for the hair) will all be balanced and complimentary.  I feel that most of us skim over the detail of the actual dress, figure and personality type of brides-to-be.  We are not pointing out how heavy a bouquet is to hold, the importance of holding your bouquet correctly (we have all had the experience of a bride who wanted a cascading bouquet and when we have seen photographs they have been carrying them the wrong way around -  true story)! 

My light bulb moment means that I am going to concentrate a lot more on creating bouquets that suit the brides physique, her personality and compliments the style of her dress and, if the dress is very detailed, suggest a softer, more simple bouquet.

I do just want to end my "just saying" by mentioning that it is my hope that we are seeing the end of floral crowns.  I think we all went a little bit crazy and again, so much depends on height, style of dress and being able to put it all together so that bride or bridesmaids do not look like walking floral arrangements.  Do not get me wrong, there have been some astoundingly beautiful floral crowns, looking awesome on brides and bridesmaids, but I think there have been an equal amount where enthusiasm has got the better of being sensible.

Photographers:  Leanne Evans, The Picturess, Love Made Visible, Tasha Secombe, Moira West, Jani B, DK Photography, Mooi Photography


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